6 d’abr. 2016

Musonka & Leonor Fini

Leonor and me in a conversation a day in Paris:

Ah .... you are an artist, a creator? Well then you are too subtle for my . I really lack me the skill and acumen to you understand. How do you imagine your art? It can not? Leave some for me, please. I also think. Come back you in a few years.

I sometimes say that I paint pictures that I would like to see but which do not exist. But the fact is, I am just as unaware of the course my painting is taking as those who behold my work. As I know my work concerns me, the same "me" that is conveyed is a distanced, masked, alternative, retrospective way and in a way in which I am alienated from myself, I can carry on as if I had discovered a sign that shows me this thing or that; my intuition or powers of deduction can be right but sometimes I suspect not. Basically, though, it doesn´t concern me. The one thing that is certain is that I would like the pintures I produce to be as close to themselves as possible: by this I mean that I want them to be so close to that wich i expressed about my person along the way and to the manner in which this takes place. In this respect my painting goes beyond "seriousness" and in its place come fanaticism, obstinacy, mania.